I don't live in the cantons of Vaud or Geneva, can I still send my application?
Yes. Syni is a national programme. We welcome participants from across Switzerland. However, most of our PETF positions are in Geneva, where our partner institutions' headquarters are based.
I am not a recipient of unemployment benefits, can I send my application?
If you are not a recipient of daily benefits from the unemployement insurance, but you are registered at an ORP, the Hospice Général, with the Social services or the Disability Insurance, you can apply to our programme. If you have any doubts, contact us.
Does Syni also collaborate with the private sector?
No. We only work with non-profit organisations such as foundations, NGOs, international organisations, public entities.
Is a PETF paid?
No. A PETF is not paid and you won't be hired by your host institution. However, you continue to receive your daily benefits from the unemployment insurance or your social incomes during your PETF.
How long is a PETF?
Your PETF lasts six months, unless you have restrictions regarding your right to unemployment benefits. This period of time can be extended under certain conditions.
Should I continue to search for a job during my PETF?
Yes. You continue to search for a job and benefits from a minimum of 10 % of your time (20 % for a full-time position) to do so from home.
What happens if I find a job before the end of my PETF?
Your PETF ends on the start date of your new employment contract (no notice period is needed).
Is there a chance for me of be hired after my PETF?
Your PETF doesn't give you direct access to a payed position. The institutions are not compelled to recruit Syni participants. It is important that you consider your the PETF as a pathway towards your next job. We work with you on the definition of your professional project and in finding the mission that better matches your goals.
What will I receive at the end of my PETF?
After your PETF, you receive a work certificate or reference letter from your host institution. The latter won't mention Syni so you can highlight your experience with your host institution when searching for a new position.


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