1. If Syni fits your goals, talk about it to your counsellor (ORP, Hospice Général, Service Social, AI).
  2. Go to the application section and send us your application.
  3. Your application will be reviewed and it fits our criteria, we will invite your for a first meeting that takes place in our Lausanne office. This first meeting is a half-day workshop.
  4. We propose several (various) PETF positions. According to your selection, your Syni counselor contacts the chosen host partner institution and coordinates the organization of an interview and the validation of the job description.
  5. During the recruitment process, you take part in a seven-day training course.
  6. Once an appropriate position has been identified, you start a 6 month PETF.
  7. Syni ensures a personalized follow-up of your PETF and organises tripartite assessments and activity reports.
  8. Once your PETF comes to an end, the host institution provides you with a work certificate or reference letter.