As organizer of a unemployment labour market measures, Syni reviews the applications of unemployed professionals who can have different professional backgrounds, and come from various fields : project management, communication, fundraising, events organization, marketing, IT, research, finances, biotechnology, translation, law, administrative support, HR, etc.


Carrying out a PETF allows you to gain an enriching and constructive experience within one of our partner institutions. Skill development, professional networking, improving job search, obtaining a recent certificate or reference letter, are all essential aspects allowing you to increase your chances of quickly finding. We collaborate with Regional placement offices (ORP), Social services (Services sociaux) and Offices of the Disability insurance (Assurance invalidité - AI).


You need to receive benefits from the unemployment insurance (or meet the conditions of article 59D of the Unemployment insurance) until the end of the mission, or be registered with Social services or the Disability insurance (AI).

But also:

  • Have a good command of English
  • Be motivated
  • Have an interest in international affairs or in issues of public interest