Who are we?

As part of Emploi Lausanne of the City of Lausanne's Labour Service, Syni has been allowing for the last twenty years unemployed professionals to participate in enriching and constructive missions in the international cooperation sector.

Completing a Syni mission entails...

The purpose of a Federal Temporary Employment Programme (PETF) via Syni is to increase your employability. It first involves defining your personal objectives (acquire skills, discover of a new sector, and develop a professional network, etc.) and then searching for a adapted PETF position in one of our partner host institutions.

Our training courses

A seven-days training course will allow you to think about the relevance of your professional project and to gain and strengthen a set of specific set of skills that meet the requirements of the international cooperation labour market. As part of the PETF, Syni offers you the opportunity to participate to around fifteen training courses that aim to improve your professional and soft skills, as well as your job search.

Your Syni counsellor

A counsellor:

  • Supports you in the definition and validation of your professional project and guides you when preparing your application.
  • Searches for specific positions, submits your application and organises your PETF.
  • Ensures a personalized follow-up throughout your PETF.


Ensures a personalized follow-up throughout your PETF.