SYNI proposes temporary ASSIGNMENTS in the area
of international cooperation


Each PETF corresponds to a participant’s specific and personal project.

The objectives are:

  • To develop knowledge and specific professional skills
  • To promote the ability to work in an international and multicultural environment
  • To promote vitality and adaptability in a new professional framework
  • To begin or to expand the network of professional contacts
  • To improve English skills by a partial or total immersion at the place of work
  • To assess the employment situation and current issues related to the targeted professional sector

Syni developed a number of tools to enable the participant to achieve these objectives:

  • precise terms of reference
  • an agreement on objectives to be reached
  • a tripartite assessments and personalized activity progress reports
  • support for employment search through courses
  • preparative (Pré-PETF) training and integrated training
  • a detailed work certificate provided by the host organisation


Target Public

Syni caters to people of all ages and at different stages of their careers:

  • Professionals who have already had several years of professional experience and who wish to remain competitive in the job market, or who desire to reorient themselves towards the international sector
  • Graduates (university, polytechnic federal schools (EPF), institutions of higher education (HES) or equivalent) of their careers and displaying interest in working in an international environment or with public authorities


Labour Market

The skills developed during a PETF mission are transferable, and are in demand not only in the context of international cooperation but in other public and private sectors as well. Approaching a PETF in terms of acquisition of skills allows the participants to assert themselves in different professional contexts.

During the mission a direct link with the labour market is also maintained by means of active development of professional networks. Indeed, the partners of our programme provide the participants with an opportunity to network with experienced professionals and potential future employers.


International Cooperation

Syni works specifically within the area of international cooperation (IC), collaborating primarily with non-profit organisations based in Switzerland who act on an international level by implementing projects of public interest.

Apart from the interest that the international public sector can engender and the specific skills that can be acquired in this sector, the IC also enables participants to transfer their professional skills from one area of activity to another.

Although the area of activity of an individual may change, international, private and public sectors require similar professional skills (flexibility, intercultural communication, languages, etc.).

Moreover, while simultaneously promoting their integration into the local employment market, IC provides numerous opportunities to assert professional skills for persons who feel more at ease with English than with any of the national languages of Switzerland, as well as for those who wish to relocate from their work abroad and find employment in Switzerland.



Syni is a programme of the Emploi Lausanne Office of the City of Lausanne. Commissioned by SECO, Syni provides an opportunity for unemployed professionals to take part in a qualifying and formative Federal Temporary Employment Programme (Programme d’Emploi Temporaire Fédéral (PETF)) in the area of international cooperation.

Syni was created in response to observations that skilled employment seekers face increasing difficulties in their professional (re)integration. Indeed, being in possession of a specialized degree or having substantial professional experience often proves to be insufficient to find sustainable employment. Market competitiveness constantly requires people seeking employment to develop specific competencies, language skills, experience or networks of contacts. Missions proposed by Syni meet the needs of people willing to act on several aspects of employability at the same time.

Syni is commissioned to offer 6-months-long PETFs that aim to increase employability of persons seeking employment by reinforcing adequacy between their competencies, their training and the expectations of the job market in their professional fields. Due to this, the positions on offer are tailor-made according to the professional project of each participant. 


Areas related to the positions available in the sector of international cooperation are as varied and numerous as the sector itself : migration, sustainable development, social affairs, health, finance, education, environment, democracy, human rights (women’s, children’s and those of minorities in particular), intellectual property, work, peace, state-of-the-art information and communication technologies, and many more.

The activities offered range from management of projects and programmes to legal, administrative or IT activities, but also include organisation of events, communication, fundraising, financial management and/or analysis, research, translation, multimedia, etc.


  • Constitution and analysis of applications
  • Support and  validation of the candidates’ professional projects
  • Analysis of potential orientations of the PETF missions based on the participant’s career objectives 
  • Search for an adequate position within the partner institutions
  • Preparative training (pré-PETF)
  • Agreement on the objectives defining the goals of the mission
  • Personalized follow-up during the mission
  • Integrated training
  • Mediation (if needed)




To maximize the relevance of the measure, Syni offers two types of training: preparative (pre-PETF) training and integrated training. The goals of these formations are two-fold: on one hand, they assist in the definition of professional project objectives, and, on the other, they focus on the acquisition of skills and knowledge specific to the field of international cooperation.

All classes are taught by professionals with many years of experience in international cooperation and offer further opportunity for participants to interact and network with professionals in this sector.

Pre-PETF Training

All missions conducted by Syni are preceded by a seven-day training course. Being a key step in the process, this initial training provides the opportunity to reflect on the usefulness of a PETF as a whole and related to the professional project of a candidate. Through interactive workshops, the candidates can clarify their expectations of the PETF with respect to activities and themes they wish to develop. This training also comprises courses proposed in specific areas of international cooperation:

  • Job market for International Cooperation
  • Intercultural communication
  • Project management
  • Financing of a project


Integrated Training

Subsequently, Syni offers training integrated into the measure with courses pertaining to the useful skills in the area of international cooperation. The participants also have a possibility to sign up for workshops where they acquire or perfect their job-searching tools within this area. The training includes about fifteen different courses that cover subjects like project management, communication, fundraising and creation of CVs specific to international cooperation.


Syni developed an extensive network of partners (international organisations, NGOs and other
institutions) that welcome and supervise participants during their missions. This network is
continuously sustained according to the profiles of the candidates.

Through the framework agreements established with these organisations, Syni takes into account a
number of criteria it considers to be decisive, in order to guarantee a smooth progression of a
mission. A lot of importance is given to the qualitative and formative dimensions of the positions on
offer, as well as to the modalities of supervision and respect of the framework of the programme.

Syni works with over sixty different non-profit institutions. The following institutions are included
amongst our numerous partners:

International Organizations (IO)


Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and other institutions


  • Act Alliance 
  • Antenna Fondation
  • Caritas
  • Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue
  • Cooperation and Development Center (CODEV) - EPFL
  • Danish Refugee Council
  • Defence for Children International
  • Entraide Protestante Suisse (EPER)
  • EspeRare Foundation
  • FIND
  • Geneva Call
  • Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institution (GANHRI)
  • HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation
  • International Commission of Jurists
  • International Social Service- Switzerland
  • Interpeace
  • Médecins Sans Frontières
  • Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) / Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC)
  • PATH
  • Philea
  • Sentinelles
  • Terre des Hommes Foundation
  • Terre des Hommes International Federation
  • Terre des Hommes-Suisse
  • WWF Switzerland
  • other institutions



Due to the current situation related to Covid and the resulting waiting list, enrolment in the Syni program is closed until 4.12.2020 for unemployment insurance beneficiaries.


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